‘Into the Silence’, Cornucopia 49

One man’s museum

“By any standard, Hüsamettin Koçan’s mountain-top Baksı Museum, in the northeastern Anatolian village where he was born, deserves a place among the world’s top ten remote museums. This immense gallery, dedicated to contemporary and ethnographic art, is a heady fusion of the urbane and the bucolic. Photographs by Kerem Ayhan Yanik.”

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‘A Thing of Beauty’, Beshara Magazine

“Michael Hornsby contemplates James Turrell’s installation at Dorotheenstädtischer Friedhof, Berlin.”

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Turkey’s Hidden Tourist Gems

“Turkey has some fantastic sights away from the crowds, from spectacular mosques to the ancient city of Sagalassos.”

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10 of the Best Modern Art Galleries in Istanbul

“Istanbul’s art venues range from glamorous party spots to converted Ottoman power stations, and show everything from masters to multidisciplinary art. Michael Hornsby picks the best.”

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Theatres of Dreams’, Art of England (advertorial)

“Stately homes, oriental villas and Byronic poetry: Michael Hornsby introduces you to the art, life and world of Rupert Dixon.”

‘Wrestling with Life in the Mountains’, Cornucopia 42

“High in the apparently empty Kaçkars, the way of life is as old as the hills. Michael Hornsby joins in the fun at a village festival in remote summer pastures. Photographs by Giulio Rubino.”

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